ProGut® Plus is the most comprehensive product available to support digestive function and improve stool quality


Probiotics are live bacteria that when ingested, create a health benefit for the host. Vets often call them Direct Fed Microbials (DFM).

ProGut® Plus DFMs:


Prebiotics are naturally occuring carbohydrates that impact the gut environment in a positive way. They compete with pathogenic ("bad") bacteria and ultimately allow healthy bacteria to thrive in the gut.

Adsorptive Clay

Clay? Yes, clay! The one time it's ok for your dog to eat dirt. Clay helps bind toxins in the gut. ProGut® Plus uses hydrated attapulgite clay, a safe, superior choice for clearing toxins.

Clay removing toxins

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are helpful at providing energy to the gut. They also help to break down proteins and starches which provides body building materials and ensure that digestion is normalized.

Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides that boost the immune system by increasing macrophage function.

Macrophages play a key role in the body's natural immune system. They work by absorbing and destroying foreign substances (eg. bacteria, toxins etc.) by engulfing them (a process referred to as phagocytosis). an activated macrophage

B Vitamins

B vitamins play several roles that help ProGut® Plus work faster, such as working synergistically with probiotics, helping transport potassium (an electrolyte) into cells, and supporting other GI functions such as converting fats, carbohydrates and protein into energy.

B vitamins are additional ingredients available only in the paste format of ProGut® Plus. This format is ideally suited for pets that require immediate and fast acting support.

ProGut® Plus B vitamins:

N-acetyl Glucosamine (available only in ProGut® Plus powder)

N-acetyl Glucosamine is a monosaccharide and a core component of the basic structure that make up the mucosal lining of the gut. The intetstinal mucosa protects the cells of the gut from enzymes, acids and bacterial toxins while allowing the selective absorption of nutrients.

N-acetyl Glucosamine is an additional ingredient that is only available in the powder format of ProGut® Plus. This format is ideally suited for pets that require long term digestive support for ongoing issues.

N-acetyl Glucosamine helping to repair damage to the gut