ProGut® Plus has been put to the test by these patients.

A photo of Chubby sitting on a patio


Chubby ate a box of truffles, a bag of kelp supplements, and a bag of Werther's candies WITH the wrappers on! Chubby's owner used ProGut® Plus oral paste for immediate support.

Owner testimonial
"Chubby had very bad gas and diarrhea the first night. We gave him ProGut® Plus until we could get him to the Vet. After 2 doses we saw a vast improvement. The Vet checked him out and no treatment was needed. We gave him 3 more doses as a precaution and Chubby is fine."
- Erin

Rubix the puppy running throught the grass


As a puppy, Rubix had an episode of Giardia and coccidia. He was treated for the infection, but continued to be gassy. Rubix's owners use ProGut® Plus oral paste once daily to control his gas.

Owner testimonial
"Since using ProGut® Plus oral paste he no longer clears the room!"
– Kathy